Cup Sleeve Template

Use this template to easily make the cup sleeve.

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Custom Sleeve

These coffee cups sleeves fit the hot cups and clear plastic cold cups that hold 12oz, 16oz and 24oz of beverages. For a better grip feeling in the hand these coffee sleeves are smooth on the surface,and the inside is corrugated to prevent the sleeve from slipping off of your cup. Insulating,thick and corrugated kraft paper sleeves do a fine job of protecting your hands from the heat of the cup.

Customize your Own

Coffee sleeves, otherwise known as a cup jacket, drink wraps, or cup sleeves, are a great way to keep hands cool while holding hot coffee or some other type of warm beverage. We believe in empowering businesses to showcase their brand in a way that isn't cost prohibitive.

This design has 1 glue area on the back.

Sleeve Back After Gluding.

Flat Sleeve Before Gluding

There are Cutting(Trim) and Bleed. Trim and Bleed are represented as color lines along the border of our the template. You can download templates with Bleed and Trim guides from any product this templates page. Trim is the black line and bleed is the blue line. Trim is the final size of your print product after it’s been cut. The final cut line text to the background should not end at the black cutting line. Extend all background color and images to the blue line if you have the background. You will also notice the glue line is green and the folding line is pink. These guides help things go more smoothly. All templates are subject to an expert review.


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What is a Pantone Colour and do I need it for my printing?

Pantone Colour is a colour-matching system universally used by many industries, including printing, graphic design, painting and the make-up industry, amongst others. It helps ensure consistent color reproduction in branding, logos, marketing, packaging, and other graphic design applications on a range of different materials.

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